Poole Harbour

Poole is the perfect place for any newbie to learn to kite. I’m down here for the week with my folks who have agreed to look after my kids so I can spend as much time on the water as poss, result!

I haven’t been out for 5 months after my amazing session in February at Pembrey but the next day I ended up with pneumonia…it has literally taken me months to get back to full health.

It has been so awesome to get back on the water, I’m riding better than ever before and now I just need hours on the water. I’m more confident than ever and my love for kiting has grown over the last few days.

I’m off to Mauritius in two weeks so here’s hoping I’m a little pro by the time I get back! I’ve just bought a whole bunch of new Cabhrinha kites and they are totally amazing…

Happy summer ya’ll.



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