Looking Truli awesome, ha!

Like most women I have struggled to find a wetsuit that fits well and looks FAB…until now. My lovely network of amazing ladies from The Women’s Kiteboarding Community  recommend a few including a brand called Truli

I honestly can’t tell you how amazing the wetsuit is – the quality, style, design and fit are a millions time better than any others I have tried. It’s actually perfect. The sleeveless arms and zip up the front makes it super comfortable and easy to get on.

As soon as I saw the Truli-Capri I knew I just had to have one.

I emailed Mia who is the designer and CEO and she shipped one straight away to me. The customer service was excellent and I’m so so happy!

I’m sure it’s going to give me the power to kite better too…Mia just needs to design a winter wetsuit for us folk who have to kite in minus conditions in the UK.

To buy your Truli sexy wetsuit visit https://www.truliwetsuits.com/collections


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