Armada Kite Surfing Festival

I just got home from an amazing weekend at the Armada Kitesurfing Festival at Hayling Island. It was epic…My pal Kirsten came with me, we hired a camper and had a ball. We ended up there because I’ve been working for a brand called, which is a free, online resource for kite surfers that makes gauging the weather a breeze and provides specific weather ratings. A very cool bunch of guys and the website is awesome.

I’ve always loved water sports, wakeboarding, snowboarding. I did try kiting back in 2000 but back then the safety wasn’t that great, so I just flew the kite and used buggies on the beach. I have dug out a couple of old pics which brought back some memories…!

Kirst and I met so many amazing people this weekend, what a fab community of like minded people.

I watched everyone kite and for the first time in years I felt excited and motivated to give it a go! I met an awesome guy called Karl, the nicest person ever who is the Cabrinha UK Brand Manager…he tells me about Poole Harbour and he’s gonna give me a call when the wind is up…..I’m going to give this sport a whirl, eek!

Author: thisgirlkites

Wannabe kitesurfer, marketing and PR guru who loves working in film and TV, travel, my family, property development, any board sports and cross fit!

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