Kiting has clicked, wooohoooo

Today I went out with my coach Will who is an amazing instructor, mentor, coach and friend. He has been sooooo patient with me and after all the saga in Spain feeling like I would never crack this sport, I have. Whoop!

The key and difference to recent events was to make sure I am riding the right size kite, generally if the bigger guys are on 12s then a 9 or 10 is enough for me.

I was chilled as anything and the rest is history, it was officially by best session ever, yay!

The moto of the story is, don’t give up! And Pembrey is the perfect spot to learn to kite.

For Kitesurfing lessons in Wales contact Will K

Happy 2017 ya’ll!

How my life has changed. For every New Year’s Eve I can remember, we have partied hard with our pals.

Not this year. There has been no wind for months and New Year’s Day is looking perfect in Wales, so I head to bed at 10pm for a 6am start.

It’s absolutely freezing, around -8, what were we thinking? But this is our reality kiting in the UK and we have to suck it up!

I haven’t been out in ages, it’s like starting all over again. Kiting with my dearest Hubby Tom isn’t great either, because it’s too easy for me to yell at him to take the kite when I feel over powered. It turns out to be a complete disaster, poor Tom!

I am full of excuses, it’s a new location, I still have issues about going into deep water so  I spent most of the time out of the water. I was frustrated, cold, angry, you name it and I felt it. I know I just need time on the water in the right conditions.

I feel royally annoyed, what I think I need is a strong female to help me, maybe one who has kids. I can’t just take myself off on the ocean not feeling confident because I have tw0 little ones to think about.

When I got home I sent former UK Champion Jo Wilson a desperate email asking for help and coaching and she’s agreed… I finally feel I might get somewhere sooner rather than later.


Me and my kiting buddy Craig!


My new kiting buddy

Will messaged me to say the wind was up and to head to Pembrey on Friday for a lesson with another student, a guy called Steve. I didn’t know it then, but Steve would become my new kiting bestie and subsequently he has put up with me for months chasing the wind and watching me try to crack this sport as well as looking out for me on the water – thanking you my friend :)…

Steve is a diver, windsurfer, ex military, climber –  you name it, he’s done it….

And yes he was up and riding after lesson 2 !! Not that I was slightly envious at all, but so typical. I had to pretend not to be that impressed, lols.

It was a fun session and I managed to go right. My lefts still need a lotta work….